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Marimba in Educational institutions

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Course Objectives:

The primary goal of this course is to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to proficiently play Zimbabwean-style marimbas. Throughout the program, students will develop a heightened ability to discern multiple layers of sound with varying levels of complexity. The unique musical landscape of Zimbabwean-style marimba offers opportunities for students to enhance their improvisation skills, particularly through solo performances that span from pentatonic to diatonic scales. This not only enables students to showcase their musical independence but also cultivates a deeper understanding of the intricacies within the music.

Marimba Classes:

In the realm of this musical learning experience, students will actively engage in listening exercises designed to discern and appreciate the multiple layers of sound, each presenting varying levels of complexity. The Zimbabwean-style marimba music incorporated in the classes serves as a platform for students to expand their improvisational abilities, ranging from pentatonic to diatonic scales, allowing them to express and showcase their musical autonomy through solo performances. Additionally, the act of playing marimba contributes to the development of essential skills such as coordination, musical memory, and rhythmic independence. This teaching approach has consistently proven to be empowering for children of all backgrounds, fostering a sense of confidence and musical proficiency.


Shcool Class Series

We suggest a group of students receive 8 classes over a three-week period depending on your particular school and budget allocation. The following example could be adapted:

At a junior school, three Grade 6 and 7 groups have bi-weekly music classes in a flexible space. Classes, lasting 40-75 minutes, span three weeks, with each group learning a unique piece.


While ideal class size is 10-15 students, classes can accommodate up to 30, possibly involving switching for effective learning.

Community Programming

Our inclusive classes serve as an ideal introduction to music, covering traditional and original Zimbabwean compositions through engaging rhythm games and movement. Each season concludes with an informal performance, and participants may join a local marimba ensemble for gigs.

Community Programs Include:

Summer marimba music camps
outh at risk camps
Senior homes
Day Care
Private lessons



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