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Ngorimba Zim All Stars

Booking Information

We are available for a variety of events, including school functions, festivals, and other gatherings. To book this extraordinary ensemble, reach out to them at the contacts below




Ngorimba Zim All Stars: Crafting Vibrant Marimba Sounds

Ngorimba Zim All Stars is an electrifying ensemble of seasoned musicians hailing from Zimbabwe. Led by the talented trio of Pasi Gunguwo, Paul Mpofu, and Eddington Hatotongwe. this group offers a captivating experience with their African marimba sounds that enchant audiences globally. Their performances are a testament to their expertise, effortlessly transporting listeners through timeless grooves and the captivating language of dance.


Rooted in Tradition

Ngorimba Zim All Stars proudly embraces the rich musical heritage of Zimbabwe. Their music reflects themes of liberation, social justice, and African pride. With every note they play, they honor the ancestors and celebrate the resilience of their people.

Immersive Cultural Experience

Their performances go beyond mere shows—they are immersive cultural experiences. From intimate classroom settings to grand festival stages, Ngorimba’s music promises to leave an indelible mark on all who listen. The soulful beats of Africa come alive, inviting audiences to dance, celebrate, and connect.

More than Entertainment

Our customers deserve the highest level of support, and we work tirelessly to maintain those standards. When you choose to work with our team, know that you are consistently choosing quality and excellence. Customer service is at the heart of everything that we do.

Technical Requirements

To ensure the purest delivery of their enchanting rhythms and melodies, Ngorimba relies on marimba instruments, microphones, and soul-stirring vocals. Their commitment to excellence shines through every performance.

Join The Afro Ngorimba Sound Journey

Ngorimba Zim All Stars invites anyone seeking an unforgettable live music experience to connect with them. Whether you’re a music lover, event organizer, or cultural enthusiast, their vibrant marimba sounds will transport you to the heart of Africa, Zimbabwe.

Meet The Band

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